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Up next: Episode 2.

Posted by HarryDeeGunman - January 23rd, 2019

So, what's next on the list? The second episode of Madness Re-Organization. For this movie I want to take a look at past events, and narrate what led to the events of Episode 1.

This episode will be properly introducing Ceres and his gang, so it's going to be way more interesting, and will also contain better coreographed action scenes. Hopefully.

I want to adress that since I don't feel satisfied with the looks of the modern Madness sprites (pre-MC11), the next movie will contain a different color scheme for the characters and some redesigned assets.

7123606_154826717472_comparison.png The color scheme I'm going for is the one on top.

Notice how the colors are a bit darker, but not plain shades of gray. The hands have a sharper look, along with facial cross, and the feet are a bit smaller. This all fits into the Madness Combat 3 sprite set and I'm happy to have it that way since it's one of my favorite parts ever.

(i'm not implying that MC5 are badly drawn just saying that the color scheme in MC3 is better, the new sprites just happen to have this applied)

Oh and, needless to say the sprites are remastered, so the next movie won't look as bad as the last one.

Other than that I hope you guys are as excited for the next episode.

Also, I'm thinking of dedicating a post analyzing Madness Combat 11, since it's full of references and unsolved... mysteries? What do you guys think? Should I?


That's all for now. I'll have a test or two for the next post and hopefully a screenshot of how things are going in Episode 2.




Comments (2)

MC3 style can be described as 'simply amazing'. I see you like it more too, dude.
I wanted to ask, how often will you post stuff and how much time do you have per week to work on Episode 2?

MC3 is very pure in terms of defining "madness combat," so to me it will always contain that essence. Random, violent, gory and fun, in a bizarre way.

As for my free time, well... I haven't started studying a carrer yet, but the one I'm aiming for only takes 2 days a week because of its schedules. So, with that in mind, considering I'm pretty lazy, I'd say that the thing you're going to see more often are tests or drawings. I'm not sure.
However, main projects, like Episode 2, don't take that much time since my animation speed is quite fast (and a bit rushed).
Another thing to take into consideration is that I usually utilize my free for entertainment, such as videos, movies, drawing my little comic (not madness-related) and even playing LoL.
So, as a rough date I'd say... that maybe I'll need a two months and a half. Probably more. I don't know, it depends of how all the other factors interfere on the daily progress of the movie.

Why the question, though?

EDIT: Oh dude sorry, I accidentaly blocked the comment you made about the flashback! :(

good luck!

Thank you!